A Little Help from my Friends

Joe Cocker said it best, and it’s truer every time I listen to his verses.

I published this website today. Opened it to the public. My finger hovered over the button and I swear it felt like I was standing on the edge of a bungie-jump attached to a fraying cord. Nonetheless, I was reminded that nothing good comes easy – sack up or shut up – those kinds of things.

Sitting across from Jack Rogers is a great salve for the worry. In case there was any wonder, Jack is the man we have to thank for the mast-head graphics and banners which have helped this site take shape. He’s put up with my whining and moping for years and I’m so glad to be able to start this journey with his backing. One day, I might be able to repay the debt.

Of course, Jack is not the only one to whom I owe the advent of my ambition, and I imagine before long they will all have a paragraph singing their praises, but for the moment I hope he’ll be glad with an honourable mention and the promise that someday I’ll pay the favour back tenfold.

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