More Money, More…

I definitely haven’t been distracted by the weather…

Work’s had some involvement too!

As I sit here, in the beer garden of my favourite pub, drinking water to curb the hangover from last night (regrets!), it occurred to me that I should be doing something about my little corner of the internet. After a little ‘spring cleaning,’ I had a scroll through some ideas I’ve had over the week to write about. With how busy I’ve been, it’s fair to say that money has been on my mind (to quote Sam Smith) and I decided to have a few out-loud thoughts to you all.

It’s probably fair to say that I’m not the best with money. Ex-housemates, friends and family of mine will know this well for which I can only say: it will get better!

It has always been little more than a commodity to me, but also something that controls our day-to-day lives with an iron (or silver) fist! The greatest shame of life (in my humble opinion) is that we have to work to live. Life is for living! Yet so many people spend the majority of their lives sitting in offices or behind desks that it leaves little time for the things we would truly love to do. I count myself fortunate that I’ve found an industry which allows me some measure of freedom to choose (within reason) but I’m sure that will soon change.

I’m now earning more than I ever have in my life (though they’re only short contracts, and it’s not saying a whole lot having only worked in minimum wage jobs), and it strikes me that I still have trouble balancing my outgoing expenses with what I feel I should be saving for the future. Although it’s great to have more money coming in, there always seems to be something sucking it back out into the ether. We try (or expect) to live a certain way and those metaphorical goal posts change every time we (or I) go up a wage bracket. There always seems to be something else to spend that money on. Whether it’s running costs or desirable baubles, I don’t think I’ve met many people my age who can confidently say that they’re happy with the money they’re carrying. It really is true: with more money comes more problems.

Maybe someday, far in the future, society will turn around in such a way that people will be able to live the life they want. It saddens me that it isn’t happening already. But on days like today, as I sit in the sun (drinking my free water) and surrounded by nature, it strikes that truly:

The best things in life are free.

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