I’ve long held an interest in photography. Not that I’m an especially gifted artist, but I like the feeling of taking a picture or drawing something, sculpting or crafting something, and standing back and thinking (in immortal words from Babe); ‘that’ll do, Pig.’

Recently, it’s been made clear that skills with a camera would be hugely helpful to one beckoning career path: Location Scouting. So, if all falls through with NFTS and my career as a writer ends the same way it was born: thrashing around in cheap student flat in Hull, it’d be great to have something to fall back on.

Why is this related, Guy? Well, I’ve got to practice my photography somehow, and you guys are going to see the product of that. Facebook friends of mine will probably see some too but, as an informal portfolio of sorts, this website will have to bear with me through all of my photoshop-fiddling, focus-shifting, bumbling attempts to improve my camera-work (some of which you may have already seen heading up some blog posts or pages).

I hope you enjoy looking at some pictures.

A quick word of thanks to my models; kids, thanks for lending some beauty to my attempts. None of you beats the dogs, though, I’m afraid.