A Day at the Beeches

A recent job took me to a nature reserve not far from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. The three weeks I spent at this location setting it up for 3 nights of film shoots and all the associated madness with getting 250ton cranes into position on a muddy woodland floor have got to be one of the most challenging experiences I’ve had to date in my line of work, but also were the most rewarding. I had great fun with the locations team and we overcame most everything that was pitched at us.

Towards the end of the shoot I felt comfortable wandering around with my camera to record the beautiful location, after all the sensitive materials had been removed from set – sorry guys, can’t show you all that! Attached below are some of the pictures I took while exploring and I can recommend Burnham Beeches as a top spot to walk around and observe. If you get the chance – ask the Rangers about the rich part the location plays in Film history.

Lots of love…

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