Steam Punk

When I first began working in the Film Industry, I struggled to decide upon my calling. Did I want to stay in the Locations Department? It was good, outdoorsy work which was certainly rewarding in how active it was, but it didn’t fulfil me beyond the obvious: I needed an outlet for my creativity.

This first came in the form of Illias, whom you may remember (if you’ve been following the story) as the one who first lured me off the beaten path towards the knotted wilds of Film-work. Swiftly put so-as not to bore you; hehadanideaforascriptadaptationofMortalEngineswhichwereadtogetherbackin

What you see here are the resulting sketches for our adaptation which was very simply beaten to the punch. These things happen. But at least it gave me an opportunity to draw some zeppelins.