Blockade Runners

Author’s Note: Gripped by Star Wars mania in the wake of Solo‘s release, I started fiddling with a small idea I had while driving to work a few weeks ago. After finishing this, the first draft, in two days, I’m relatively happy with how it turned out. Obviously, with time will come polishing but it’s a story I’d quite like to flesh out further! 

In this sci-fi piece, I’m pulling you into a inter-system war where we follow the rank and file, some messengers desperate to get into an active combat zone and get out alive. Think of it as the ‘Saving Private Ryan‘ of short Sci-Fi pieces. I wanted to make this the first of several short pieces focussed on the same crew (or possibly different one) to tell the kinds of tales featured in a friend-of-the-family’s book about Dispatch Riders in WW1. War stories and the conflict they paint have always been a staple topic for TV and Film, I’m keen to take those ideas and put them in settings and contexts that they’re not normally seen in. That’s the kind of art I like. So, without much further ado, I give you: Blockade Runners!