The Best, Worst Week

Author’s Note: Another short piece I wrote for the NFTS application (though, if I’m being honest, this is more in pursuit of funding my tenure there: Film School doesn’t come cheap and I’m either going to need a generous sponsor or a hefty scholarship). Anyway, what follows is another 20 page short, but this one promises to turn into a mini-series if I don’t work to chop back the detail. I have a great idea for how this group of friends (who initially only come for the weekend) end up spending a week in Amsterdam engaged in ‘Hangover’-esque antics as they discover more about each other, their friendship and grow to be more competent, reliable human beings. It’s a coming of age story, loosely inspired by a short story penned in my burgeoning youth as well as a recent trip I actually made to Europe. Anyway, diviértete: